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Steatite Bear

Steatite BearRef.:0215500310

Steatite Buffalo

Steatite BuffaloRef.:0215500311

Steatite Bioxes (2u.)

Steatite Bioxes (2u.)Ref.:0215116608

Steatite Cat (set 2u.)

Steatite Cat (set 2u.)Ref.:021521408G

Steatite Cat.

Steatite Cat.Ref.:021523415C

Steatite Cat.

Steatite Cat.Ref.:0215110410

Steatite Coasters.

Steatite Coasters.Ref.:0215197210

Steatite Coasters.

Steatite Coasters.Ref.:0215197010

Steatite Dolphin.

Steatite Dolphin.Ref.:0215121408

Steatite Elephants Bookends (set 2u.)

Steatite Elephants Bookends (set 2u.)Ref.:0215007118

Steatite Heart Boxes (2u.)

Steatite Heart Boxes (2u.)Ref.:0215116605

Steatite incense holders (set 2u.)

Steatite incense holders (set 2u.)Ref.:0215128210

Steatite Owl.

Steatite Owl.Ref.:021523415O

Steatite Rhino (set 2u.)

Steatite Rhino (set 2u.)Ref.:0215110608

Steatite Swan (set 2u.)

Steatite Swan (set 2u.)Ref.:0215110710

Steatite Swan Bookends (set 2u.)

Steatite Swan Bookends (set 2u.)Ref.:0215711605

Steatite Turtle

Steatite TurtleRef.:0215123415

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