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Shungite Pyramide 10 cm. Extra Quality

Shungite Pyramide 10 cm. Extra QualityRef.:0202000180

Shungite Pyramide 3 cm

Shungite Pyramide 3 cmRef.:0202000188

Shungite Pyramide 4 cm

Shungite Pyramide 4 cmRef.:0202000183

Shungite Pyramide 5 cm

Shungite Pyramide 5 cmRef.:0202000021

Shungite Pyramide 6 cm

Shungite Pyramide 6 cmRef.:0202000182

Shungite Pyramide 7cm

Shungite Pyramide 7cmRef.:0202000022

Shungite Ball 10cm

Shungite Ball 10cmRef.:0205000293

Shungite Ball 15cm

Shungite Ball 15cmRef.:0205000292

Shungite Ball 2cm

Shungite Ball 2cmRef.:0205000254

Shungite Ball 4cm

Shungite Ball 4cmRef.:0205000295

Shungite Ball 6cm

Shungite Ball 6cmRef.:0205000294

Shungite Ball 8cm

Shungite Ball 8cmRef.:0205000296

Shungite Sphere 3cm

Shungite Sphere 3cmRef.:0205000270

Boulder Shungite Bracellet

Boulder Shungite BracelletRef.:1002000886

Cross Shungite Pendant.

Cross Shungite Pendant.Ref.:1003000879

Elite Shungite Pendant

Elite Shungite PendantRef.:1003001120

Heart Shungite Pendant.

Heart Shungite Pendant.Ref.:1003000874

Medium Boulder Shungite. Bag 100gr

Medium Boulder Shungite. Bag 100grRef.:0303000100

Round Heart Shungite Pendant.

Round Heart Shungite Pendant.Ref.:1003000871

Shungit and Crystal Rock Bracelet, Set 2u.

Shungit and Crystal Rock Bracelet, Set 2u.Ref.:1002000892

Shungite bracelet

Shungite braceletRef.:1002000964

Shungite Bracellet 6mm Ball

Shungite Bracellet 6mm BallRef.:1002000949


Shungite Bracellet 8mm Ball

Shungite Bracellet 8mm BallRef.:1002000950

Shungite Chakra and Flower of Life.

Shungite Chakra and Flower of Life.Ref.:0304000184

Shungite Chakra. Price Set 3un.

Shungite Chakra. Price Set 3un.Ref.:0304000144

Shungite Chip Bracellet (Set 6u)

Shungite Chip Bracellet (Set 6u)Ref.:1002000020

Shungite disc with magnet 5cm. Set 5un.

Shungite disc with magnet 5cm. Set 5un.Ref.:0303000206

Shungite Dougnut

Shungite DougnutRef.:1008000020

Shungite Dougnut

Shungite DougnutRef.:1008000024

Shungite Dougnut 20mm

Shungite Dougnut 20mmRef.:1008000023

Shungite Dougnut 40mm

Shungite Dougnut 40mmRef.:1008000047

Shungite Dougnut 45mm

Shungite Dougnut 45mmRef.:1008000022

Shungite leaf Pendant 45 mm

Shungite leaf Pendant 45 mmRef.:1003000800

Shungite Massager Point

Shungite Massager PointRef.:0201000652

Shungite Pendant 45 mm

Shungite Pendant 45 mmRef.:1003000804

Shungite Pendant Flower of Life

Shungite Pendant Flower of LifeRef.:1003001169

Shungite Pendant Round

Shungite Pendant RoundRef.:1003001177

Shungite Pendant Teardrop

Shungite Pendant TeardropRef.:1003000873

Shungite Pendant.

Shungite Pendant.Ref.:1003000803

Shungite Pendant.

Shungite Pendant.Ref.:1003000801

Shungite Pendant. Set 10un.

Shungite Pendant. Set 10un.Ref.:1003001069

Shungite Protection Phone 3cm (set 10un.)

Shungite Protection Phone 3cm (set 10un.)Ref.:0303000165

Shungite rhombus Pendant 50 mm

Shungite rhombus Pendant 50 mmRef.:1003000810

Shungite Rough 3-4cm. (Minimum 5kg)

Shungite Rough 3-4cm. (Minimum 5kg)Ref.:0101000668

Shungite Stick Massager

Shungite Stick MassagerRef.:0201000635

Shungite tear Pendant 50 mm

Shungite tear Pendant 50 mmRef.:1003000808

Shungite Tumb. led Pendant. Set 10un

Shungite Tumb. led Pendant. Set 10unRef.:1003601098

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kg

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kgRef.:0302000057

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kg

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kgRef.:0301000234

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kg

Small Boulder Stone Shungite. Bag 1kgRef.:0301000146

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