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  • Amazonite Pendulum

    Amazonite PendulumRef.:0212000037

    Amethyst Pendulum

    Amethyst PendulumRef.:0212000008

    Black Agate Pendulum

    Black Agate PendulumRef.:0212000034

    Bronzite Pendulum

    Bronzite PendulumRef.:0212000068

    Crystall Rock Pendulum

    Crystall Rock PendulumRef.:0212000001

    Emerald Pendulum

    Emerald PendulumRef.:0212000093

    Falcon's Eye Pendulum

    Falcon's Eye PendulumRef.:0212000057

    Hematite Pendulum

    Hematite PendulumRef.:0212000133

    Obsidian Pendulum

    Obsidian PendulumRef.:0212000229

    Rose Quartz Pendulum

    Rose Quartz PendulumRef.:0212000004

    Smoky Quartz Pendulum

    Smoky Quartz PendulumRef.:0212000003

    Sodalite Pendulum

    Sodalite PendulumRef.:0212000012

    Tyger Eye Pendulum

    Tyger Eye PendulumRef.:0212000015

    Amethyst Egiptian Pendulum

    Amethyst Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000128

    Crystall Quartz Egiptian Pendulum

    Crystall Quartz  Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000126

    Green Quartz Egiptian Pendulum

    Green Quartz Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000139

    Hematite Egiptian Pendulum

    Hematite Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000130

    Lapislazuli Egiptian Pendulum

    Lapislazuli Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000131

    Opaline Egiptian Pendulum

    Opaline Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000175

    Red Jasper Egiptian Pendulum

    Red Jasper Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000169

    Smoky Quartz Egiptian Pendulum

    Smoky Quartz Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000132

    Sodalite Egiptian Pendulum

    Sodalite Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000129

    Tiger Eye Egiptian Pendulum

    Tiger Eye Egiptian PendulumRef.:0212000125

    Agate Conical Pendulum

    Agate Conical PendulumRef.:0212000134

    Amethyst Conical Pendulum

    Amethyst Conical PendulumRef.:0212000022

    Aventurine Conical Pendulum

    Aventurine Conical PendulumRef.:0212000017

    Blue Howlite Conical Pendulum

    Blue Howlite Conical PendulumRef.:0212000072

    Crystall Quartz Conical Pendulum

    Crystall Quartz Conical PendulumRef.:0212000074

    Green Jadeite Conical Pendulum

    Green Jadeite Conical PendulumRef.:0212000073

    Hematite Conical Pendulum

    Hematite Conical PendulumRef.:0212000020

    Red Jasper Conical Pendulum

    Red Jasper Conical PendulumRef.:0212000021

    Tiger Eye Conical Pendulum

    Tiger Eye Conical PendulumRef.:0212000163

    White Howlite Conical Pendulum

    White Howlite Conical PendulumRef.:0212000023

    Yellow Jadeite Conical Pendulum

    Yellow Jadeite Conical PendulumRef.:0212000024

    Amethyst Ball Pendulum

    Amethyst Ball PendulumRef.:0212000142

    Amethyst Ball Pendulum and Flower of Life

    Amethyst Ball Pendulum and Flower of LifeRef.:0212000219

    Angelite Ball Pendulum

    Angelite Ball PendulumRef.:0212000221

    Aventurine Ball Pendulum

    Aventurine Ball PendulumRef.:0212000141

    Howlite Ball Pendulum

    Howlite Ball PendulumRef.:0212000227

    Lapis Lazuli Ball Pendulum

    Lapis Lazuli Ball PendulumRef.:0212000055

    Red Jasper Ball Pendulum

    Red Jasper Ball PendulumRef.:0212000145

    Rose Quartz Ball Pendulum

    Rose Quartz Ball PendulumRef.:0212000143

    Snowflake Obsidian Ball Pendulum

    Snowflake Obsidian Ball PendulumRef.:0212000168

    Sodalite Ball Pendulum

    Sodalite Ball PendulumRef.:0212000056

    Crystall Rock Pyramid Pendulum

    Crystall Rock Pyramid PendulumRef.:0212000042

    Pyramid Red Jasper Pendulum

    Pyramid Red Jasper PendulumRef.:0212000044

    Pyramid Rose Quartz Pendulum

    Pyramid Rose Quartz PendulumRef.:0212000043

    Aventurine Stick Pendulum

    Aventurine Stick PendulumRef.:3040000021

    Unakite Stick Pendulum

    Unakite Stick PendulumRef.:3040000024

    Yellow Quartz Stick Pendulum

    Yellow Quartz Stick PendulumRef.:3040000017

    Amethyst Rock Pendulum

    Amethyst Rock PendulumRef.:0212000156

    Rose Quartz Rock Pendulum

    Rose Quartz Rock PendulumRef.:0212000157

    Rough Crystall Rock Pendulum

    Rough Crystall Rock PendulumRef.:0212000158

    Yellow Calcite Merkaba Star Pendulum

    Yellow Calcite Merkaba Star PendulumRef.:0212000099

    Copper Chakras Pendulum

    Copper Chakras PendulumRef.:0212000197

    Copper Chakras Pendulum

    Copper Chakras PendulumRef.:0212000199

    Metallic pendulum. Set 3un

    Metallic pendulum. Set 3unRef.:0212000222

    Golden Bullet Metal Pendulum

    Golden Bullet Metal PendulumRef.:0212000070

    Golden Long Bullet Metal Pendulum

    Golden Long Bullet Metal PendulumRef.:0212000081

    Golden Long Metal Pendulum

    Golden Long Metal PendulumRef.:0212000030

    Golden Metal Pendulum

    Golden Metal PendulumRef.:0212000069

    Golden pendulum. Set de 3un

    Golden pendulum. Set de 3unRef.:0212000080

    Golden Spinning Top Pendulum

    Golden Spinning Top PendulumRef.:0212000025

    Golden Spiral Metal Pendulum

    Golden Spiral Metal PendulumRef.:0212000085

    Isis pendulum.

    Isis pendulum.Ref.:0212000211

    Silvery Conical Metal Pendulum

    Silvery Conical Metal PendulumRef.:0212000079

    Silvery Sfera Metal Pendulum

    Silvery Sfera Metal PendulumRef.:0212000029

    Silvery Spinning Top Pendulum

    Silvery Spinning Top PendulumRef.:0212000026

    Silvery Spiral Metal Pendulum

    Silvery Spiral Metal PendulumRef.:0212000027

    Small Golden Sfera Metal Pendulum

    Small Golden Sfera Metal PendulumRef.:0212000077

    Blue Calchedony bullet form Pendulum

    Blue Calchedony bullet form PendulumRef.:3040000046

    Crystall Rock with Moldavite chip Pendulum

    Crystall Rock with Moldavite chip PendulumRef.:3040000041

    Rose Quartz Pendulum

    Rose Quartz PendulumRef.:0212000196

    Rose Quartz with Opale Chip Pendulum

    Rose Quartz with Opale Chip PendulumRef.:3040000038

    Rose Quartz with Rodhocrosite Chip Pendulum

    Rose Quartz with Rodhocrosite Chip PendulumRef.:3040000037

    Rose Quartz with Rubellite chip Pendulum

    Rose Quartz with Rubellite chip PendulumRef.:3040000052

    Snowflake bullet form Pendulum

    Snowflake bullet form PendulumRef.:3040000050

    Sun Stone bullet form Pendulum

    Sun Stone bullet form PendulumRef.:3040000048

    Aventurine Rhombus Pendulum

    Aventurine Rhombus PendulumRef.:0212000064

    Black Obsidian Rhombus Pendulum

    Black Obsidian Rhombus PendulumRef.:0212000065

    Jasper Rhombus Pendulum

    Jasper Rhombus PendulumRef.:0212000062

    Chain Pendulum

    Chain PendulumRef.:1203000019


    Copper Chakras Pendulum

    Copper Chakras PendulumRef.:0212000200

    Copper Chakras Pendulum

    Copper Chakras PendulumRef.:0212000201

    Copper Chakras Pendulum

    Copper Chakras PendulumRef.:0212000202

    Pendulum Pentagram Chakras

    Pendulum Pentagram ChakrasRef.:0212000060

    Pendulum Chakras

    Pendulum ChakrasRef.:3040000053

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