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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Chalcedony Necklace

    Chalcedony NecklaceRef.:1001000650

    Amber Chip Necklace "A"

    Amber Chip Necklace "A"Ref.:1001000577

    Brecciated Jasper Strip.

    Brecciated Jasper Strip.Ref.:1001000726

    Green Agate Strip.

    Green Agate Strip.Ref.:1001000724

    Hematite Strip.

    Hematite Strip.Ref.:1001000448

    Obsidian Strip.

    Obsidian Strip.Ref.:1001000311

    Obsidian Strip.

    Obsidian Strip.Ref.:1001000723

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000722

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000720

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000721

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000719

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000728

    River Pearl Strip.

    River Pearl Strip.Ref.:1001000729

    Rose Quartz Strip.

    Rose Quartz Strip.Ref.:1001000727

    Strip in red bamboo coral.

    Strip in red bamboo coral.Ref.:1001000178

    Tiger Eye Strip.

    Tiger Eye Strip.Ref.:1001000338

    Turquenite Strip.

    Turquenite Strip.Ref.:1001000458

    Turquoise Strip.

    Turquoise Strip.Ref.:1001000731

    Turquoise Strip.

    Turquoise Strip.Ref.:1001000730

    Unakite Strip.

    Unakite Strip.Ref.:1001000729

    Unakite Strip.

    Unakite Strip.Ref.:1001000455

    Watermelon Tourmaline Strip chip.

    Watermelon Tourmaline Strip chip.Ref.:1001000462

    Necklace Red Agate

    Necklace Red AgateRef.:1001000656

    Necklace Turquoise

    Necklace TurquoiseRef.:1001000657

    Sodalite Necklace Button

    Sodalite Necklace ButtonRef.:1001000654

    Turquenite Necklace

    Turquenite NecklaceRef.:1001000652

    Hematite Necklace

    Hematite NecklaceRef.:1001000619

    Amazonite Ball Necklace Ø16mm

    Amazonite Ball Necklace Ø16mmRef.:1001000490

    Amethyst Ball Necklace

    Amethyst Ball NecklaceRef.:1001000583

    Amethyst Ball Necklace 14mm

    Amethyst Ball Necklace 14mmRef.:1001000617

    Aquamarine Pill Necklace 90cm

    Aquamarine Pill Necklace 90cmRef.:1001000613

    Aventurine Pill Necklace

    Aventurine Pill NecklaceRef.:1001000499

    Blue Quarz Pill Necklace 45cm

    Blue Quarz Pill Necklace 45cmRef.:1001000595

    Carnelian Ball Faceted Necklace

    Carnelian Ball Faceted NecklaceRef.:1001000601

    Carnelian Ball Necklace

    Carnelian Ball NecklaceRef.:1001000582

    Carnelian Silver Necklace

    Carnelian Silver NecklaceRef.:1001000546

    Chrysocolla Imitation Necklace

    Chrysocolla Imitation NecklaceRef.:1001000573

    Green Fluorite Necklace

    Green Fluorite NecklaceRef.:1001000587

    Green Fluorite Necklace

    Green Fluorite NecklaceRef.:1001000588

    Howlita Silver Pill Necklace

    Howlita Silver Pill NecklaceRef.:1001000549

    Howlite Necklace Donut

    Howlite Necklace DonutRef.:1001000280

    Jade Silver Necklace Teardrops

    Jade Silver Necklace TeardropsRef.:1001000545

    Malachite Imitacion Necklace

    Malachite Imitacion NecklaceRef.:1001000569

    Malachite Imitacion Necklace oval.

    Malachite Imitacion Necklace oval.Ref.:1001000570

    Onyx Silver Pill Necklace

    Onyx Silver Pill NecklaceRef.:1001000548

    Opale Synthetic Ball Necklace

    Opale Synthetic Ball NecklaceRef.:1001000599

    Pill Cracked Quartz Necklace

    Pill Cracked Quartz NecklaceRef.:1001000614

    Septarian Oval Necklace

    Septarian Oval NecklaceRef.:1001000471

    Sodalite Necklace

    Sodalite NecklaceRef.:1001000586

    Synthetic Aquamarine Pill Necklace

    Synthetic Aquamarine Pill NecklaceRef.:1001000609

    Synthetic Opale Pill Necklace 90cm

    Synthetic Opale Pill Necklace 90cmRef.:1001000604

    Unakite Ball Necklace

    Unakite Ball NecklaceRef.:1001000478

    Unakite Pill Necklace

    Unakite Pill NecklaceRef.:1001000590

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