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Orthocera Egg 65mm

Orthocera Egg 65mmRef.:0204000029

Shark Tooth Pendant

Shark Tooth PendantRef.:1003000097

Ammonite Pendant

Ammonite PendantRef.:1003000325

Brown Matrix Fossil Fish

Brown Matrix Fossil FishRef.:0403000007

Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth

Carcharodon Megalodon ToothRef.:0406000007

Equus ( Horse Tooth )

Equus ( Horse Tooth )Ref.:0406000002

Gonniatites Fossil 5cm

Gonniatites Fossil 5cmRef.:0401000042

Gonniatites Fossil Big

Gonniatites Fossil BigRef.:0401000045

Gonniatites Fossil Small

Gonniatites Fossil SmallRef.:0401000008

Gonniatites Morocco

Gonniatites MoroccoRef.:0401000043

Jurasic Pygurus

Jurasic PygurusRef.:0402000012

Mercenaria Permagna- Calcite Crystalls

Mercenaria Permagna- Calcite CrystallsRef.:0406000003

Nautilus 13x15

Nautilus 13x15Ref.:0402000095

Nautilus 4x6

Nautilus 4x6Ref.:0402000061

Nautilus 5x7

Nautilus 5x7Ref.:0402000060

Nautilus 8x10

Nautilus 8x10Ref.:0402000059

Nautilus 9x11

Nautilus 9x11Ref.:0402000058

Nautilus Céphalopod 11x13cm

Nautilus Céphalopod 11x13cmRef.:0402000031

Orthocera 50cm

Orthocera 50cmRef.:0401000023

Orthocera Cephalopod Plaque 25cm

Orthocera Cephalopod Plaque 25cmRef.:0401000039

Orthoceras from Morocco

Orthoceras from MoroccoRef.:0401000027



Petrified Fossil Wood

Petrified Fossil WoodRef.:0402000039

Petrified Fossil Wood

Petrified Fossil WoodRef.:0402000040

Petrified Fossil Wood 1 face

Petrified Fossil Wood 1 faceRef.:0402000047

Petrified Fossil Wood 15

Petrified Fossil Wood 15Ref.:0402000041

Polished Ammonites "Pair 22-25cm"

Polished Ammonites "Pair 22-25cm"Ref.:0402000016

Polished Ammonites Pair 10-12cm

Polished Ammonites Pair 10-12cmRef.:0402000021

Polished Ammonites Pair 3-5cm

Polished Ammonites Pair 3-5cmRef.:0402000018

Polished Pair Ammonites 12-15cm

Polished Pair Ammonites 12-15cmRef.:0402000005

Polished Pair Ammonites 27-30cm

Polished Pair Ammonites 27-30cmRef.:0402000023

Polished Pair Ammonites 5-6cm

Polished Pair Ammonites 5-6cmRef.:0402000019

Polished Pair Ammonites 6-7cm

Polished Pair Ammonites 6-7cmRef.:0402000003

Polished Pair Ammonites 7-9cm

Polished Pair Ammonites 7-9cmRef.:0402000020

Shark Tooth

Shark ToothRef.:0401000019



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