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    Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Box 4kg

    Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400040

    Variscite (Barcelona). Set 54 Un.

    Variscite (Barcelona). Set 54 Un. Ref.:0104205148

    Pyrite. Set 12 Un.

    Pyrite. Set 12 Un. Ref.:0104257027

    Cubic Pyrite. Set 35 Un.

    Cubic Pyrite. Set 35 Un. Ref.:0102000075

    Goldstone (India). Box 4kg

    Goldstone (India). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400039

    Ametrine (Bolivia). Box 4kg

    Ametrine (Bolivia). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400038

    Green Calcite (Mexico). Box 4kg

    Green Calcite (Mexico). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400009

    Tiger's Eye (Brazil). Box 4kg

    Tiger's Eye (Brazil). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400037

    Septaria (Madagascar). Box 4kg

    Septaria (Madagascar). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400036

    Halite (Pakistan). Box 4kg

    Halite (Pakistan). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400035

    Fluorite (Mexico). Box 4kg

    Fluorite (Mexico). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400034

    Apatite (Brazil). Box 4kg

    Apatite (Brazil). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400033

    Black Obsidian (Mexico). Box 4kg

    Black Obsidian (Mexico). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400032

    Pyrite. Set 24 Un.

    Pyrite. Set 24 Un. Ref.:0104237027

    Carnelian Nodules (India). Box 4kg

    Carnelian Nodules (India). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400031

    Hemimorphite (China). Lot 24 Un.

    Hemimorphite (China). Lot 24 Un. Ref.:LOTE000732

    Big Tumbled Falcon's Eye. 1kg Bag

    Big Tumbled Falcon's Eye. 1kg Bag Ref.:0301000255

    Zebra Onyx (Mexico). Box 4kg

    Zebra Onyx (Mexico). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400030

    Black Tourmaline (Brazil). Box 4kg

    Black Tourmaline (Brazil). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400021

    Smoky Quartz (Madagascar). Box 4kg

    Smoky Quartz (Madagascar). Box 4kg Ref.:0101400029

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