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35mm Malachite Pyramid

35mm Malachite PyramidRef.:0202000043

Azurite-Malachite Imitation Point Pendant

Azurite-Malachite Imitation Point PendantRef.:1003000976

Azurite-Malachite Morocco. Price per Kg

Azurite-Malachite Morocco. Price per KgRef.:0101000018

Botroidal Malachite with Chrysocolla. Price per Kg

Botroidal Malachite with Chrysocolla. Price per KgRef.:0101000873

Malachite - Flower of the Life Bracelet. Set 3Un

Malachite - Flower of the Life  Bracelet. Set 3UnRef.:1002001109

Malachite 4mm Ball Bracellet

Malachite 4mm Ball BracelletRef.:1002000774

Malachite 6mm Ball Bracellet

Malachite 6mm Ball BracelletRef.:1002000579

Malachite Box 45x60x30mm

Malachite Box 45x60x30mmRef.:0215000104

Malachite Box 50x65x30mm

Malachite Box 50x65x30mmRef.:0215000105

Malachite Chip Bracellet. Set 6un

Malachite Chip Bracellet. Set 6unRef.:1002000979

Malachite Egg 50x40mm

Malachite Egg 50x40mmRef.:0204000116

Malachite Imitacion Necklace

Malachite Imitacion NecklaceRef.:1001000569

Malachite Imitacion Necklace oval.

Malachite Imitacion Necklace oval.Ref.:1001000570

Malachite Oval Massager 4,5x3x1,5cm.

Malachite Oval Massager 4,5x3x1,5cm.Ref.:0201000699

Malachite Oval Massager 7x5x1,5cm.

Malachite Oval Massager 7x5x1,5cm.Ref.:0201000698

Malachite oval Pendant

Malachite oval PendantRef.:1003001186

Malachite Pendant and Silver

Malachite Pendant and SilverRef.:1003000472

Malachite. Price 6 units

Malachite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104216083

Malachite. Set 54 Un.

Malachite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104206083

Medium Boulder Malachite

Medium Boulder MalachiteRef.:0302000093

Medium Boulder Malachite. Price per Kg.

Medium Boulder Malachite. Price per Kg.Ref.:0302000011

Polished Botryoidal Malachite. Price Kg

Polished Botryoidal Malachite. Price KgRef.:0101000074

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