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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Hammer Pichaxe (900g)

    Hammer Pichaxe (900g)Ref.:9011000014

    Hammer (2170g)

    Hammer  (2170g)Ref.:9011000003

    Hammer Chiseller (750g)

    Hammer Chiseller (750g)Ref.:9011000004

    Hammer Peack (860g)

    Hammer Peack (860g)Ref.:9011000005

    Mallet (1.210GR)

    Mallet (1.210GR)Ref.:9011000006

    Hammer (1550g)

    Hammer (1550g)Ref.:9011000007

    Hammer (2025g)

    Hammer (2025g)Ref.:9011000008

    Beating Plastic (30mm)

    Beating Plastic (30mm)Ref.:9011000010

    Security glases

    Security glasesRef.:9011000012

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