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Amethyst Gua Sha

Amethyst Gua ShaRef.:0205000283

Aventurine Gua Sha

Aventurine Gua ShaRef.:0205000286

Crystal Quartz Gua Sha

Crystal Quartz Gua ShaRef.:0205000288

Jade Gua Sha

Jade Gua ShaRef.:0205000284

Moon Stone Big Oval Massager

Moon Stone Big Oval MassagerRef.:0201000351

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua ShaRef.:0205000287

Green Aventurine Gua Sha

Green Aventurine Gua ShaRef.:0205000276

Obsidian Gua Sha

Obsidian Gua ShaRef.:0205000282

Red Aventurine Gua Sha

Red Aventurine Gua ShaRef.:0205000277

Rhodonite Gua Sha

Rhodonite Gua ShaRef.:0205000278

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua ShaRef.:0205000275

Sodalite Gua Sha

Sodalite Gua ShaRef.:0205000280

Quartz Roller Massage Rose

Quartz Roller Massage RoseRef.:0205000266

Roller Massage Crystal Quartz

Roller Massage Crystal QuartzRef.:0205000291

Roller Massage Green Jade

Roller Massage Green JadeRef.:0205000256

Roller Massage Opaline

Roller Massage OpalineRef.:0205000289

Roller Massage Tiger Eye

Roller Massage Tiger EyeRef.:0205000290

Roller Massage Tourmaline

Roller Massage TourmalineRef.:0205000274

Amethyst Massager Point 70mm

Amethyst Massager Point 70mmRef.:0201000221

Aventurine Massage Point 60mm

Aventurine Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000701

Aventurine Massage Point 70mm

Aventurine Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000105

Basalt Massage Point 60mm

Basalt Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000231

Breciated Jasper Massage Point 70mm

Breciated Jasper Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000226

Calcite Massage Point 70mm

Calcite Massage Point  70mmRef.:0201000230

Calcite Massage Point 60mm

Calcite Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000148

Crystall Rock Massage Point 4/5cm

Crystall Rock Massage Point 4/5cmRef.:0201000267

Crystall Rock Massage Point 6/7CM

Crystall Rock Massage Point 6/7CMRef.:0201000085

Cyanite Stick Massager (2x1cm)

Cyanite Stick Massager (2x1cm)Ref.:0201000120

Green Quartz Massage Point 70mm

Green Quartz Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000147

Jade Massage Point 60mm

Jade Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000135

Jade Massage Point 70mm

Jade Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000155

Labradorite Massage Point 70mm

Labradorite Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000229

Long Cianite Massager (6x1,5cm)

Long Cianite Massager (6x1,5cm)Ref.:0201000270

Medium Sick Cianite Massager (3x1,5cm)

Medium Sick Cianite Massager (3x1,5cm)Ref.:0201000269

Onyx Massage Point 50mm

Onyx Massage Point 50mmRef.:0201000156

Red Aventurine Massage Point 70mm

Red Aventurine Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000225

Red Jasper Massage Point 60mm

Red Jasper Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000153

Red Jasper Massage Point 70mm

Red Jasper Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000132

Rhodonite Massage Point 60mm

Rhodonite Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000154

Rhodonite Massage Point 70mm

Rhodonite Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000133

Rose Quartz Massage Point 50-75gr

Rose Quartz Massage Point 50-75grRef.:0201000134

Shungite Massager Point

Shungite Massager PointRef.:0201000652

Shungite Stick Massager

Shungite Stick MassagerRef.:0201000635

Smoky Quartz Massage Point

Smoky Quartz Massage PointRef.:0201000228

Sodalite Massage Point 60mm

Sodalite Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000130

Sodalite Massage Point 70mm

Sodalite Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000157

Tyger Eye Massage Point 70mm

Tyger Eye Massage Point 70mmRef.:0201000222

Unakite Massage Point 60mm

Unakite Massage Point 60mmRef.:0201000151

Blue Calcite Round Massager Ø55x30mm

Blue Calcite Round Massager Ø55x30mmRef.:0201000638

Feldspar Round Massager Ø55x30mm

Feldspar Round Massager Ø55x30mmRef.:0201000639

Hematoid Quartz Oval Massager 8x6cm

Hematoid Quartz Oval Massager 8x6cmRef.:0201000700

Hematoid Quartz Round Massager Ø55x30mm

Hematoid Quartz Round Massager Ø55x30mmRef.:0201000640

Rose Quartz Oval Massager 8x6cm

Rose Quartz Oval Massager 8x6cmRef.:0201000641


Angelite Oval Massager 5,5x3,5x1cm.

Angelite Oval Massager 5,5x3,5x1cm.Ref.:0201000347

Iolite Oval Massager 6x5x3cm.

Iolite Oval Massager 6x5x3cm.Ref.:0201000352

Red Jasper Oval Massager 7x5x1,5mm

Red Jasper Oval Massager 7x5x1,5mmRef.:0201000290

Ruby Zoisite Oval Massager 7x4,5x2,5cm.

Ruby Zoisite Oval Massager 7x4,5x2,5cm.Ref.:0207000080

Septaria Oval Massager 7x5x2,5mm.

Septaria Oval Massager 7x5x2,5mm.Ref.:0201000303

Shungite Oval Massager 5x3cm

Shungite Oval Massager 5x3cmRef.:0201000657

Sunstone Oval Massager 6x4x2,5cm.

Sunstone Oval Massager 6x4x2,5cm.Ref.:0207000082

Thermotherapy Obsidian Set

Thermotherapy Obsidian SetRef.:1306000008

Tourmaline Oval Massager 6x4,5x2,5cm.

Tourmaline Oval Massager 6x4,5x2,5cm.Ref.:0201000256

Tyger Eye Oval Massager 7x5x1,5mm.

Tyger Eye Oval Massager 7x5x1,5mm.Ref.:0201000293

Amethyst Biotensor

Amethyst BiotensorRef.:0201000671

Crystal Quartz Biotensor

Crystal Quartz BiotensorRef.:0201000673

Quartz Rose Biotensor

Quartz Rose BiotensorRef.:0201000672

Breciated Stick Jasper Massager

Breciated Stick Jasper MassagerRef.:0201000215

Calcite Stick Massager

Calcite Stick MassagerRef.:0201000218

Copper Massager

Copper MassagerRef.:0201000348

Hematite Massager

Hematite MassagerRef.:0201000180

Labradorite Massager

Labradorite MassagerRef.:0201000216

Quiastolite Massager

Quiastolite MassagerRef.:0201000212

Red Jasper Massager

Red Jasper MassagerRef.:0201000123

Rhodonite Stick Massager

Rhodonite Stick MassagerRef.:0201000217

Rose Quartz Stick Massager

Rose Quartz Stick MassagerRef.:0201000093

Sodalite Stick Massager

Sodalite Stick MassagerRef.:0201000091

Massager Essence + Set 7 Stone

Massager Essence + Set 7 StoneRef.:0201000271

Basalt 15x78x90 mm

Basalt 15x78x90 mmRef.:0699000022

Obsidian 100 mm

Obsidian 100 mmRef.:0699000030

Obsidian 12x85mm

Obsidian 12x85mmRef.:0699000010

Obsidian Thermotherapy Stone 12x55mm

Obsidian Thermotherapy Stone 12x55mmRef.:0699000009

Thermotherapy Agate big

Thermotherapy Agate bigRef.:0699000028

Thermotherapy Basalte 15x75x85mm

Thermotherapy Basalte 15x75x85mmRef.:0699000021

Thermotherapy Black Agate small

Thermotherapy Black Agate smallRef.:0699000027

Volcanic stone 50mm

Volcanic stone 50mmRef.:0699000004

Head Massager. set 10 un

Head Massager. set 10 unRef.:9003000012

Hot Stones Display 20 stones

Hot Stones Display 20 stonesRef.:9009000079

Thermotherapy Basalte Disque .Set 2un

Thermotherapy Basalte Disque .Set 2unRef.:0699000086

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