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    We are a company, specialized in the import and marketing of gems, fossils and minerals, with 22 years of experience in an increasingly demanding sector. During all this time, we have forged our business philosophy, based on values that, today, identify KUNUGI as a brand:

    - Being a pioneer in the use of certain minerals adapted to jewelry, well-being and gifts.

    - Offer high quality products, guaranteeing the natural origin of gems and fossils, as well as their gemological qualities such as durability, brilliance, rarity and beauty.

    - Respect and preserve the environment.

    But more than products, we offer a philosophy of living in harmony with both oneself and the outside world, which is why our items combine the peace and positive energy of minerals. All this, always together with modern and current designs that give personality to the brand.


    With the aim of satisfying the varied and demanding demands of our customers, at KUNUGI we offer 3 main product lines:

    - Jewelry: A wide range of original proposals, made from amethyst, red jasper, yellow jade, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and coral, among other minerals, that perfectly complement a wide variety of styles and adapt to different tastes and occasions.

    - Well-being and health: This category, among other products, is made up of quartz bowls, chakra sets, reiki chakras and a varied line of massagers suitable for both professional and private use. All of them are applied in natural therapies aimed at relaxation or improving physical, mental or spiritual harmony.

    - Decoration and gift: In addition to their varied colors and shapes, natural or carved, gems are considered sources of energy that balance the vibrations of the places they inhabit KUNUGI offers a series of proposals such as pyramids, quartz lamps, raw minerals or amulets, which are an excellent option to add a personal style to each environment or to make a different gift.


    All our products are available both online and in our physical establishments:

    - At www.kunugi.es we have enabled two sales areas, one aimed at the final buyer and another accessible only to wholesalers.

    - Our modern and advanced showroom, located at c/ Electrónica 42, Polígono Industrial Les Guixeres, Badalona, offers wholesalers all the comforts to see first-hand our complete range of items.