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Shungite Protection Phone 3cm (set 10un.) [0303000165]

Shungite Protection Phone 3cm (set 10un.)

Mobile phone protection Ø 3cm
Set of 10 units.
Quality "AA" (Very good)
Weight from 1 to 2 grams.

The Shungite adhesive wafer sticks very easily to the back of any mobile phone or any other device of your choice.

A Shungite wafer will help combat and absorb the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones.

It can also be used to neutralize the radiation of other electronic or electrical devices such as televisions, computers, wifi installations, microwave ovens, .... Shungite is an amorphous carbon mineral. This carbon is a sedimentary rock of planktonic origin. The only Shungite deposits are in northwestern Russia near Onega shunga Lake. Its name has originated in the region of extraction. Shungite stone is a symbol of protection. It develops a powerful high-frequency vibration shield to counter harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, TVs, telephones, and other sources, as well as against esoteric negative influences.