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  • Polished Botryoidal Malachite. Price Kg [0101000074]

    Polished Botryoidal Malachite. Price Kg

    Pieces of polished Malachite from the Rep. Dem. of Congo.
    1 kg = 4-5 pieces of 5-7 cm approx. We also have 1kg pieces.
    In these rooms, you can see the typical botulic concretions and stalagmites characteristic of malachite. It belongs to the monoclinic system and the group of carbonates. In nature, we find it in small crystals, in massive form or forming stalactites. Frequently it is found as an azurite pseudomorphism. Malaquites are found in many places, especially in open-oxidized copper deposits, being the most known deposits in Morocco, the Congo, the United States, Russia or Australia. Indicate the kilos you want to buy from this product by choosing an amount in the Quantity tab.
    You may have the option to buy smaller fractions of 1 kilo in the PRICE BY KILO