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  • Gypsum (Teruel, Spain). Price per Kg [0101001053]

    Gypsum (Teruel, Spain). Price per Kg

    Irregular gypsum crystals.

    Origin: Montalbán - Teruel (Spain)

    Size of the pieces: between 13 and 25 cm approx.

    Weight of the pieces: between 500 and 800 grams (-1kg)

    Price per Kg.

    This type of gypsum was called Lapis Specularis ("specular stone" or "mirror stone") in ancient Rome. The transparency of this mineral is a characteristic that made it suitable for the manufacture of window panes during the Roman Empire (1st-2nd centuries AD). The main deposits of this type of gypsum are found in Spain, mainly in Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha) and Teruel (Aragon).