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  • Assorted Box (24u) [LOTE000518]

    Assorted Box (24u)

    Assortment of minerals (mostly crystallized) from different deposits around the world.

    All are natural specimens.

    1) Amethyst Crystals (Veracruz, Mexico)
    2) Quartz Cactus (South Africa)
    3) Wulfenite (Mexico
    4) Pyrite crystals on Sphalerite (China)
    5) Calcite and Beryl, Aquamarine variety (Sicuani, China).
    6) Twin of Pyrite (Navajún, Spain)
    7) Crystallized epidote on a Prehnite nodule (Mali).
    8) Wolframite on Arsenopyrite (Panasqueira, Portugal).
    9) Smoky Quartz Crystals (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
    10) Tourmaline variety Dravite (Australia).
    11) Sphalerite on Pyrite Crystals (Pasto Bueno, Peru).
    12) Laumontite (Poohna, India).
    13) Apatite (Panasqueira, Portugal).
    14) Skutterudita (Morocco).
    15) Crystal of Siderite on Arsenopyrite (Panasqueira, Portugal).
    16) Cobaltocalcite (Peramea, Lleida, Spain)
    17) Goethite (Morocco).
    18) Pyromorphite (China)
    19) Ortosa Crystals (Carsbald Twin)
    20) Limonite, Pyrite Pseudomorphic (Barcelona)
    21) Quartz with Pyrite (Peru).
    22) Prehnite (Mali).
    23) Gypsum Crystals (Zaragoza, Spain).
    24) Hessonite Garnet (China)

    IN 41x27cm TRAY