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Change Colour Ball Lamp

Change Colour Ball LampRef.:0214000068

Change Colour Pyramid Lamp

Change Colour Pyramid LampRef.:0214000067

Salt Candleholder 1-1.5 kg.

Salt Candleholder 1-1.5 kg.Ref.:0702000004

Salt Lamp 12-15kg

Salt Lamp 12-15kgRef.:0214000018

Salt Lamp 15-20kg

Salt Lamp 15-20kgRef.:0214000039

Salt Lamp 2-3 kg

Salt Lamp 2-3 kgRef.:0214000002

Salt Lamp 2-3 kg. Box with (6 units)

Salt Lamp 2-3 kg. Box with (6 units)Ref.:0214000076

Salt Lamp 35-50kg

Salt Lamp 35-50kgRef.:0214000073

USB Blue Lamp

USB Blue LampRef.:0214000058

USB Change Colour Lamp

USB Change Colour LampRef.:0214000054

USB Green Lamp

USB Green LampRef.:0214000059

USB Pink Lamp

USB Pink LampRef.:0214000060

USB Adapter

USB AdapterRef.:0214000065

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