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Spinel. Price per Kg [0101000181]

Spinel. Price per Kg

It belongs to the cubic crystallization system and is classified within the oxide group. The spinel is formed in metamorphic rocks, such as marbles, and in igneous rocks, such as granites, although it is also easy to find in alluvial deposits, among stones and sands washed away by rivers (gem pleasures). It is a transparent stone, fluorescent to the ultraviolet rays and that exists in all the colors, although the most appreciated tonality is the intense red similar to that of the ruby. In daylight, a quality red spinel can surpass in beauty the rubies themselves, which appear more violet. Under artificial light, however, the latter regain their splendour, while the spinels appear duller and more like garnets.
Price per kg.

Size: 8-12cm.