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Copal with insect. Price 100g. [0402000112]

Copal with insect. Price 100g.

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Copal (nahuatlismo de copalli) is a vegetal resine of Bursera tree. After falling and before its solidification an insect is catched.
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100 gr Bags.
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Copal rolled stone with insects native to Madagascar.
The origin of the name comes from Arabic which means floating on the sea.
We find a multitude of amber deposits around the world. Some are commercially exploited and others of particular interest for their scientific contributions to the amount of fossil remains found inside.
Amber is usually coniferous resin (Pinus succinifera) "wound "produced in the trees. We find it on the Baltic, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Madagascar and Colombia for commercial use, the latter two are not very accepted as Amber given the short duration of fossilization (in this case they adopt the name of Copal)

Scientifically, Spain has some of the most important deposits in the world: Cantabria, Teruel and Burgos.
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