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  • Chondrite (meteorite).
    (Morocco) [0502000010]

    Chondrite (meteorite).<br>(Morocco)

    BOXES OF 108 UNITS AVAILABLE AT €270 (€2.50/unit)

    It's a type of rocky (non-metallic) meteorite that impacted the earth more than 4 million years ago. In reality, chondrites are the oldest rocks in the universe that fell to earth millions of years ago, although they continue to fall to earth today.

    Do you know that approximately 40,000 tons of meteorites fall on earth in a year?

    This chondrite impacted what we now know as the Sahara Desert.

    Iron: 15-21%

    Other minerals: Peridot, Bronzite, Pyroxenes, Nickel and Aluminum.

    Origin: Errachidia Province (Morocco)

    Delivered in a 60x85x12mm transparent plastic box.