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Carborundum Rough. Price per Kg [0101000736]

Carborundum Rough. Price per Kg

Measured: 15cm


Carborundum or carborandite stone is a mixture of carbon and silicon heated to more than 1200 °. It is an artificially manufactured stone because it is found naturally only in certain meteorites. Carborundum (registered trademark) is the hardest abrasive material made by man. The color may vary, but it is usually an iridescent black stone, with very beautiful reflections that can even be multicolored. This stone is highly appreciated by collectors for its palette of nuances and its solidity. Carborundum can be used in meditation, to induce states of relaxation and promote the exit of the body. The carborundum would be a sort of energy shield that would preserve our energy from those who could "pump" us.