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Alabandite (Lima, Peru). Set 6 Unit

Alabandite (Lima, Peru). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00035


Arrow Gypsum (Malaga, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Arrow Gypsum (Malaga, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00015

Atacamite (Chile). Set 6 Unit

Atacamite (Chile). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00063

Azurite (Morocco). Set 6 Unit

Azurite (Morocco). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00065


Baryte (Romanie). Set 6 Unit

Baryte (Romanie). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00066

Brucite (Nevada, USA). Set 6 Unit

Brucite (Nevada, USA). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00030

Calcite (Gualba, Barcelona). Set 6 Unit

Calcite (Gualba, Barcelona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00040

Calcite (Vizcaya, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Calcite (Vizcaya, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00072

Chalcostibite (Morocco). Set 6 Unit

Chalcostibite (Morocco). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00071

Chromite (Albania). Set 6 Unit

Chromite (Albania). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00042

Conichalcite (Durango, Mexico). Set 6 Unit

Conichalcite (Durango, Mexico). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00041

Crystallized Calcite (Barcelona, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Crystallized Calcite (Barcelona, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00016

Electrolytic copper. Set 6 Unit

Electrolytic copper. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00060

Epidote Quartz (Peru). Set 6 Unit

Epidote Quartz (Peru). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00052


Erythrite (Granada, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Erythrite (Granada, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00013

Fayalite (Spain). Set 6 Unit

Fayalite (Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00017

Fibrous Aragonite (Udias, Cantabria, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Fibrous Aragonite (Udias, Cantabria, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00046

Fluorite (Barcelona). Set 6 Unit

Fluorite (Barcelona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00069

Fluorite (Barcelona). Set 6 Unit

Fluorite (Barcelona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00070

Fluorite Octahedrons. Set 6 Unit

Fluorite Octahedrons. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00051

Fluorite Octahedrons. Set 6 Unit

Fluorite Octahedrons. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00050

Garnet (China). Set 6 Unit

Garnet (China). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00079

Garnet (China). Set 6 Unit

Garnet (China). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00080


Garnet (Mexico). Set 6 Unit

Garnet (Mexico). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00067

Hematoid Quartz (Cercs, Barcelona, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Hematoid Quartz (Cercs, Barcelona, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00075

Lavendulan (Murcia-Spain). Set 6 Unit

Lavendulan (Murcia-Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00064

Limonite (Pseud. Pyrite). Set 6 Unit

Limonite (Pseud. Pyrite). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00049

Lollingite (Badajoz, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Lollingite (Badajoz, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00004

Mariposite (USA). Set 6 Unit

Mariposite (USA). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00068

Metallurgical copper. Set 6 Unit

Metallurgical copper. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00061

Metallurgical copper. Set 6 Unit

Metallurgical copper. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00062

Orange Calcite (Barcelona). Set 6 Unit

Orange Calcite (Barcelona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00003


Orthose (Córdoba, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Orthose (Córdoba, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00032

Prehnite (Jaen, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Prehnite (Jaen, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00014

Prehnite (Mali). Set 6 Unit

Prehnite (Mali). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00048


Prehnite (Sevilla, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Prehnite (Sevilla, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00077

Prehnite on Epidote (Mali). Set 6 Unit

Prehnite on Epidote (Mali). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00076


Pyrite (Guangxi, China). Set 6 Unit

Pyrite (Guangxi, China). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00073


Pyritohedron (Ambasaguas, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Pyritohedron (Ambasaguas, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00074

Pyromorphite (Cordoba, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Pyromorphite (Cordoba, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00008

Pyrrhotite (Gualba-Barcelona). Set 6 Unit

Pyrrhotite (Gualba-Barcelona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00029

Quartz Jacinto de Compostela (Valencia, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Quartz Jacinto de Compostela (Valencia, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00078

Rubellite (Brazil). Set 6 Unit

Rubellite (Brazil). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00026

Schist (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Set 6 Unit

Schist (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00012

Scolecite (Huesca, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Scolecite (Huesca, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00005

Staurolite (Russia). Set 6 Unit

Staurolite (Russia). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00081

Talc (La Vajol-Girona). Set 6 Unit

Talc (La Vajol-Girona). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00027


Teruelite (Teruel, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Teruelite (Teruel, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00020

Tourmaline Chorlo (India). Set 6 Unit

Tourmaline Chorlo (India). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00018


Tyrolite (Granada, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Tyrolite (Granada, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00019

Ulexite (California, USA). Set 6 Unit

Ulexite (California, USA). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00036

Vesuvianite (Coahuila, Mexico). Set 6 Unit

Vesuvianite (Coahuila, Mexico). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00002

Vonsenite (Badajoz, Spain). Set 6 Unit

Vonsenite (Badajoz, Spain). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00023

Willemite Franklinite (USA). Set 6 Unit

Willemite Franklinite (USA). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104E00011



Aerinite. Set 6 Unit

Aerinite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213204

Agate Blue. Set 54 Un.

Agate Blue. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205094

Agate Fuchsia. Set 54 Un.

Agate Fuchsia. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205098

Agate Fuchsia. Set 6 Unit

Agate Fuchsia. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215098

Agate Geodes. Set 6 Unit

Agate Geodes. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104214147

Agate. Set 6 Unit

Agate. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213137

Amazonite. Price 6 Units

Amazonite. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104211064

Amber. Set 54 Unit

Amber. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104203079

Amber. Set 6 Unit

Amber. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213079

Amethyst druse. Set 54 Un.

Amethyst druse. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104204017

Améthyst. Price 6 units.

Améthyst. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104213067

Ametrine. Price 6 units

Ametrine. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104210506

Ametrine. Set 54 Un.

Ametrine. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104204506

Anapaite. Price 6 units

Anapaite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213503

Anapaite. Set 54 Un.

Anapaite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203503

Anhydrite. Set 54 Unit

Anhydrite. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104203089

Anhydrite. Set 6 Unit

Anhydrite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213089

Apatite Blue. Price 6 Units

Apatite Blue. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104211065

Apatite. Set 54 Un.

Apatite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203093

Apophyllite. Set 54 Un.

Apophyllite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104204114

Apophyllite. Set 6 Unit

Apophyllite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104214114

Aquamarine. Set 54 units

Aquamarine. Set 54 unitsRef.:0104205014

Aquamarine. Set 6 units

Aquamarine. Set 6 unitsRef.:0104215014

Aragonite Cuenca. Price 6 Units

Aragonite Cuenca. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104211004

Aragonite Cuenca. Set 54 Un.

Aragonite Cuenca. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202004

Aragonite. Set 6 Unit

Aragonite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104212026


Azurite. Set 6 Unit

Azurite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104212194

Bismuthinite. Set 6 Unit

Bismuthinite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215033

Black Obsidian. Set 54 Un.

Black Obsidian. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203150

Black Obsidian. Set 6 Unit

Black Obsidian. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213150

Black Tourmaline from Brazil. Box with 20 pcs.

Black Tourmaline from Brazil. Box with 20 pcs.Ref.:0101000702

Black Tourmaline. Set 54un.

Black Tourmaline. Set 54un.Ref.:0104203020

Blue Agate. Set 6 Unit

Blue Agate. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215094

Blue Calcite. Set 54 Un.

Blue Calcite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203028

Blue Quartz. Set 54 Un.

Blue Quartz. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203068

Blue Quartz. Set 6 Un.

Blue Quartz. Set 6 Un.Ref.:0104213028

Brown Calcite. Price 6 units

Brown Calcite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212505

Brown Calcite. Set 54 Un.

Brown Calcite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202505

Carborundum. Set 54 Un.

Carborundum. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203006

Carborundum. Set 6 Unit

Carborundum. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213006

Carnelian. Set 6 Unit

Carnelian. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213152

Cavansite. Set 54 Un.

Cavansite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104206125

Celestine. Set 54 Un.

Celestine. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205090

Celestine. Set 6 Unit

Celestine. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215090

Chrysocolla. Price 6 units.

Chrysocolla. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104215279

Chrysocolle (Extra). Set 54 Un.

Chrysocolle (Extra). Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104200CRI


Cinnabar. Price 6 units

Cinnabar. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104214291

Cinnabar. Set 54 Unit

Cinnabar. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104204291

Cobaltcalcite. Price 6 units.

Cobaltcalcite. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104214087

Cooper Sulphate Flower. Price of 6 pcs.

Cooper Sulphate Flower. Price of 6 pcs.Ref.:0104215034

Cooper Sulphate flower. Set 54 Un.

Cooper Sulphate flower. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205034

Cooper Sulphate. Price of 6 pcs.

Cooper Sulphate. Price of 6 pcs.Ref.:0104215062

Cooper Sulphate. Set 54 Un.

Cooper Sulphate. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205062

Cordierite. Set 6 Unit

Cordierite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104212144

Crystal Quartz Point. Price 6 un.

Crystal Quartz Point. Price 6 un.Ref.:0104213030

Crystal Quartz Points. Set 54 Un.

Crystal Quartz Points. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203030

Cubic Pyrite. Price 6 units

Cubic Pyrite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213130

Cubic Pyrite. Set 54 Un.

Cubic Pyrite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203130

Dravite. Price 6 units

Dravite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104216293

Druse Amethyst. Price 6 units

Druse Amethyst. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104214017

Dumortierite. Price 6 units

Dumortierite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104211059

Epidote. Price 6 units

Epidote. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213070

Feldspath. Price 6 units

Feldspath. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104211071

Fossil Wood. Set 6 Units

Fossil Wood. Set 6 UnitsRef.:0104211133

Galene. Price 6 units

Galene. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215080

Green Aragonite. Set 54 Unit

Green Aragonite. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104203019

Green Aragonite. Set 6 Unit

Green Aragonite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213019

Green Calcite. Set 54 Un.

Green Calcite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202343

Green Opal. Set 54 Un.

Green Opal. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202003

Green Tourmaline. Price 6 units

Green Tourmaline. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213002


Green Tourmaline. Set 54 Un.

Green Tourmaline. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203002

Green Tourmaline. Set 6 Un.

Green Tourmaline. Set 6 Un.Ref.:0104210508

Hematite. Price 6 units

Hematite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212081

Hemimorphite. Price 6 units

Hemimorphite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215082

Iolite. Price 6 units

Iolite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213084

Jacinto de Compostela. Price 6 units

Jacinto de Compostela. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215021

Jasper Landscape. Price 6 units

Jasper Landscape. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213088

Jasper Red. Price 6 units

Jasper Red. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212220

Kuncite. Price 6 units

Kuncite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104216104

Kyanite. Set 54 Un.

Kyanite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205305

kyanite. Set 6 units

kyanite. Set 6 unitsRef.:0104215305

Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Set 54 units

Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Set 54 unitsRef.:0104203088

Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Set 6 units

Landscape Jasper (Paesina). Set 6 unitsRef.:0104213088

Lapis Lazuli. Price 6 units

Lapis Lazuli. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215072

Lapis Lazuli. Set 54 Un.

Lapis Lazuli. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205105

Lepidolite. Price 6 units

Lepidolite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212100

Magnetique Magnetite. Set 54 Un.

Magnetique Magnetite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205186

Magnetite Magnetique. Price 6 units

Magnetite Magnetique. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215186

Mahogany Obsidian. Set 54 Un.

Mahogany Obsidian. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203253

Mahogany Obsidian. Set 6 Unit

Mahogany Obsidian. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213252

Malachite. Price 6 units

Malachite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104219083

Malachite. Set 54 Un.

Malachite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104209083

Manganite. Price 6 units

Manganite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212052

Manganoan Calcite. Set 54un.

Manganoan Calcite. Set 54un.Ref.:0104203077

Manganoan Calcite. Set 6un.

Manganoan Calcite. Set 6un.Ref.:0104213077

Matrix Pyrite. Price 6 units

Matrix Pyrite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104210501

Medium Pyrite. Set 6 Unit

Medium Pyrite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104217027

Mica Biotite. Price 6 units.

Mica Biotite. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104212240

Mica Fuchsite. Price 6 units

Mica Fuchsite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104211244

Mica Lepidolite. Set 54 Un.

Mica Lepidolite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202100

Mookaite. Set 54 Un.

Mookaite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202075

Moonstone, Price 6 units

Moonstone, Price 6 unitsRef.:0104217039

Moonstone. Set 54 Unit

Moonstone. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104207039

Morganite. Price 6 units

Morganite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213116

Morganite. Set 54 Un.

Morganite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104204116

Moss Agate. Set 6 Unit

Moss Agate. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213136

Natural Agate. Set 54 Un.

Natural Agate. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205099

Natural Agate. Set 6 Unit

Natural Agate. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215099

Natural Amethyst Point 6x6. Set 24 Un.

Natural Amethyst Point 6x6. Set 24 Un.Ref.:0201000686

Natural Amethyst Point 8x12. Set 9Un.

Natural Amethyst Point 8x12. Set 9Un.Ref.:0201000687

Natural Opal. Set 54 Un.

Natural Opal. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205OPA

Orange Calcite. Set 54 Un.

Orange Calcite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203342

Orange Calcite. Set 6 Unit

Orange Calcite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213342

Paesina (Italy). Set 6 Unit

Paesina (Italy). Set 6 UnitRef.:0104210001

Prehnite. Set 54 Un.

Prehnite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202266

Pyrite 4x4. Set 54 Un.

Pyrite 4x4. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104207027

Pyrite 6x6. Set 24 Un.

Pyrite 6x6. Set 24 Un.Ref.:0104237027

Pyrite Chispa. Set 54 Un.

Pyrite Chispa. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104204251

Pyrite Chispa. Set 6 Unit

Pyrite Chispa. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104214251

Pyrite Peru. Price 6 units

Pyrite Peru. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213251

Quartz Smoked Tip. Price 6 units

Quartz Smoked Tip. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213149

Red Gypsum. Price 6 Units

Red Gypsum. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104212001

Red Gypsum. Set 54 Un.

Red Gypsum. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202001

Red Jasper. Set 54 Un.

Red Jasper. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202220

Rhodochrosite. Set 54 Un.

Rhodochrosite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104206091

Rhodochrosite. Set 54 Units

Rhodochrosite. Set 54 UnitsRef.:0104205091

Rhodochrosite. Set 6 Unit

Rhodochrosite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104215091

Rose Quartz. Price 6 units

Rose Quartz. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104212078

Rose Quartz. Set 54 Un.

Rose Quartz. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104202078

Salt. Set 54 Un.

Salt. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203032

Sanidine. Set 35 Un.

Sanidine. Set 35 Un.Ref.:0104225000

Sapphire. Set 54un.

Sapphire. Set 54un.Ref.:0104207102

Sapphire. Set 6un.

Sapphire. Set 6un.Ref.:0104217102

Scapolite. Set 54 Un.

Scapolite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104206123

Selenite Plaster. Set 54 units

Selenite Plaster. Set 54 unitsRef.:0104201118

Selenite Plaster. Set 6 Units

Selenite Plaster. Set 6 UnitsRef.:0104211118

Serpentine. Set 54 Unit

Serpentine. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104203274

Serpentine. Set 6 Unit

Serpentine. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213274

Shungite. Price 6 units.

Shungite. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104103093

Shungite. Set 54 units.

Shungite. Set 54 units.Ref.:0104203092

Small Bismuth. Price 6 units

Small Bismuth. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104218507

Small Bismuth. Set 54 Un.

Small Bismuth. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104208507

SmBigall Bismuth. Set 54 Un.

SmBigall Bismuth. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104209507

Smoky Quartz. Set 6 Unit

Smoky Quartz. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213127

Snowflake Obsidian. Set 54un.

Snowflake Obsidian. Set 54un.Ref.:0104203110

Snowflake Obsidian. Set 6un.

Snowflake Obsidian. Set 6un.Ref.:0104213140

Sodalite. Set 54 Un.

Sodalite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203031

Sphalerite. Price 6 units

Sphalerite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104216076

Sphalerite. Set 54 Unit

Sphalerite. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104204076

Staurolite. Price 6 units

Staurolite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213024

Taramite. Price 6 units.

Taramite. Price 6 units.Ref.:0104213132

Tectite. Price 6 Units

Tectite. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104210157

Thulite. Price 6 units

Thulite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104215134

Thulite. Set 54 Un.

Thulite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104205134

Tiger Eye. Price 6 units

Tiger Eye. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104213109

Tiger Eye. Set 54 un.

Tiger Eye. Set 54 un.Ref.:0104203104

Tourmaline. Set 6 units

Tourmaline. Set 6 unitsRef.:0104213020


Unakite. Set 54un.

Unakite. Set 54un.Ref.:0104203101

Unakite. Set 6 Unit

Unakite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213101

Vanadinite. Set 6 Units

Vanadinite. Set 6 UnitsRef.:0104215126

White Howlite. Set 54 Unit

White Howlite. Set 54 UnitRef.:0104203423

White Howlite. Set 6 Unit

White Howlite. Set 6 UnitRef.:0104213423

Wollastonite. Price 6 Units

Wollastonite. Price 6 UnitsRef.:0104213074

Wollastonite. Set 54 Un.

Wollastonite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203074

Yellow Fluorite. Price 6 units

Yellow Fluorite. Price 6 unitsRef.:0104210159

Yellow Fluorite. Set 54 Un.

Yellow Fluorite. Set 54 Un.Ref.:0104203159

Amethyst Druze. Box 20 Pieces

Amethyst Druze. Box 20 PiecesRef.:0102000072

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