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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Amethyst Point 50-80 gr

    Amethyst Point 50-80 grRef.:0201000161

    Amethyst Point Brazil (Price per Kg.)

    Amethyst Point Brazil (Price per Kg.)Ref.:0201000116

    Aura Amethyst Point (4-5cm)

    Aura Amethyst Point (4-5cm)Ref.:0201000354

    Aura Amethyst Point (5-6cm)

    Aura Amethyst Point (5-6cm)Ref.:0201000355

    Aura Rainbow Amethyst Point (4-5cm)

    Aura Rainbow Amethyst Point (4-5cm)Ref.:0201000356

    Aura Rainbow Amethyst Point (5-6cm)

    Aura Rainbow Amethyst Point (5-6cm)Ref.:0201000357

    Citrine Point 80-100 grs

    Citrine Point 80-100 grsRef.:0201000165

    Fluorite polished Point 20-30g

    Fluorite polished Point 20-30gRef.:0201000141

    Fluorite polished Point 30-50g

    Fluorite polished Point 30-50gRef.:0201000080

    Semi-polished Amethyst Points Bolivia (Price per Kg.)

    Semi-polished Amethyst Points Bolivia (Price per Kg.)Ref.:0201000039

    Crystal Quartz Point Extra Quality

    Crystal Quartz Point Extra QualityRef.:0201000195

    Amethyst Point 80-100gr

    Amethyst Point 80-100grRef.:0201000209

    Amethyst polished Point 100-150gr

    Amethyst polished Point 100-150grRef.:0201000061

    Amethyst polished Point 150-200gr

    Amethyst polished Point 150-200grRef.:0201000062

    Blue Howlite Point 3,5x1,5cm

    Blue Howlite Point 3,5x1,5cmRef.:0201000689

    Calcite Point 75gr

    Calcite Point 75grRef.:0201000079

    Citrine with Base Points 30gr

    Citrine with Base Points 30grRef.:0201000177

    Citrine with Base Points 50gr

    Citrine with Base Points 50grRef.:0201000178

    Crystall Rock Point 100gr

    Crystall Rock Point 100grRef.:0201000064

    Crystall Rock Point 150-200gr

    Crystall Rock Point 150-200grRef.:0201000065

    Crystall Rock Point 50gr

    Crystall Rock Point 50grRef.:0201000245

    Green Quartz Point 5,5x2cm

    Green Quartz Point 5,5x2cmRef.:0201000696

    Lapislazuli Point (less than 50g)

    Lapislazuli Point (less than 50g)Ref.:0201000248

    Lapislazuli Point 50gr

    Lapislazuli Point 50grRef.:0201000143

    Rose Quartz Point 150gr

    Rose Quartz Point 150grRef.:0201000067

    Rose Quartz Point 250gr

    Rose Quartz Point 250grRef.:0201000191

    Rose Quartz Point 50gr

    Rose Quartz Point 50grRef.:0201000159

    Rose Quartz Point 80gr

    Rose Quartz Point 80grRef.:0201000066

    Sodalite Point

    Sodalite PointRef.:0201000193

    White Howlite Point 5,5x2cm

    White Howlite Point 5,5x2cmRef.:0201000692

    Yellow Calcite Point 3,5 x 1,5 cm

    Yellow Calcite Point 3,5 x 1,5 cmRef.:0201000690

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