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  • Shungite Pyramide 7cm [0202000022]

    Shungite Pyramide 7cm

    Shungite Pyramide 7 cm.

    The Shungite is a rare coal, from Precambric. It is find in stratus and seims. Is an amorphous variety (non crystallize), simillar to graphite, with a dark black colour, you can get wrong and consider it is Antracite. The Shungite is unique is composition, structure and property.

    It is from Rusia, in the site of Zazhoginskoe near Onego Lake, in the district of Shunga in Karelia. It is the name they provided.

    Apart from coal, the properties of shungite depends on the macro elements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and micro elements as vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, and other rare elements of the Earth.

    La Shungite is known for a long time. It can be used in medicine, some years ago in North of Rusia, the zar of Rusia established a resort near a site of shugite in Karelia.