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  • 10mm Amethyst Pyramid

    10mm Amethyst PyramidRef.:0202000165

    110mm Fossil Jasper Pyramid

    110mm Fossil Jasper PyramidRef.:0202000083

    25-35mm Amethyst Pyramid

    25-35mm Amethyst PyramidRef.:0202000116

    25mm Black Tourmalina Pyramid

    25mm Black Tourmalina PyramidRef.:0202000119

    25mm Grey Agate Pyramid

    25mm Grey Agate PyramidRef.:0202000115

    30-40mm Brown Agathe Pyramid

    30-40mm  Brown Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000031

    30mm Rose Quartz Pyramid

    30mm Rose Quartz PyramidRef.:0202000029

    35-40mm Citrine Pyramid

    35-40mm Citrine PyramidRef.:0202000216

    35mm Golden Aventurine Pyramid

    35mm Golden Aventurine PyramidRef.:0202000122

    35mm Yellow Calcite Pyramid

    35mm Yellow Calcite PyramidRef.:0202000156

    40-50mm Gray Agathe Pyramid

    40-50mm Gray Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000147

    45mm Golden Aventurine Pyramid

    45mm Golden Aventurine PyramidRef.:0202000138

    45mm Leopard Jasper Pyramid

    45mm Leopard Jasper PyramidRef.:0202000184

    50-60 mm. Brown Agathe Pyramid

    50-60 mm. Brown Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000084

    50-60mm Blue Agate Pyramid

    50-60mm Blue Agate PyramidRef.:0202000088

    50-60mm Grey Agate Pyramid

    50-60mm Grey Agate PyramidRef.:0202000086

    60-70mm Blue Agate Pyramid

    60-70mm Blue Agate PyramidRef.:0202000085

    Black Tourmalina Pyramid 30-40mm

    Black Tourmalina Pyramid 30-40mmRef.:0202000195

    Crystal Pyramid 5x5cm

    Crystal Pyramid 5x5cmRef.:0202000095

    Crystal Pyramid 7x7cm

    Crystal Pyramid 7x7cmRef.:0202000097

    Garnet Pyramid

    Garnet PyramidRef.:0202000032

    Iridescent Pyramid 7 x 7 cm

    Iridescent Pyramid 7 x 7 cmRef.:0202000098

    Iridescent Pyramid 8x8 cm

    Iridescent Pyramid 8x8 cmRef.:0202000100

    Labradorite Pyramid 3-4cm

    Labradorite Pyramid 3-4cmRef.:0202000078

    Labradorite Pyramid 5cm

    Labradorite Pyramid 5cmRef.:0202000077

    Malachite Pyramid 30mm

    Malachite Pyramid 30mmRef.:0202000028

    Malachite Pyramid 40mm

    Malachite Pyramid 40mmRef.:0202000043

    Moon Stone Pyramid 25-30mm

    Moon Stone Pyramid 25-30mmRef.:0202000041

    Obsidian Pyramid

    Obsidian PyramidRef.:0202000142

    Pirite Pyramid 30-40 mm

    Pirite Pyramid 30-40 mmRef.:0202000040

    Pyrite Pyramid 25-30 mm

    Pyrite Pyramid 25-30 mmRef.:0202000037

    Pyrite Pyramid. 4x4cm

    Pyrite Pyramid. 4x4cmRef.:0202000214

    Pyrite Pyramid. 5x5cm

    Pyrite Pyramid. 5x5cmRef.:0202000213

    Red Jasper Pyramid 40x45mm

    Red Jasper Pyramid 40x45mmRef.:0202000140

    Rock Crystal Pyramid 2x2cm

    Rock Crystal Pyramid 2x2cmRef.:0202000062

    Rose Quartz Pyramid 20mm

    Rose Quartz Pyramid 20mmRef.:0202000059

    Shungite Pyramide 5 cm

    Shungite Pyramide 5 cmRef.:0202000021

    Shungite Pyramide 7cm

    Shungite Pyramide 7cmRef.:0202000022

    Snowflake Obsidian Pyramid

    Snowflake Obsidian PyramidRef.:0202000186

    Sun Stone Pyramid 30-40mm

    Sun Stone Pyramid 30-40mmRef.:0202000036

    Unakite Pyramid 35mm

    Unakite Pyramid 35mmRef.:0202000121

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