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  • Yellow Calcite Ball assortment 7-9cm

    Yellow Calcite Ball assortment 7-9cmRef.:0101000312

    Agate Ball 20mm

    Agate Ball 20mmRef.:0205000189

    Agate Ball 30mm

    Agate Ball 30mmRef.:0205000190

    Amethyst Ball 18mm. Set 10 uni.

    Amethyst Ball 18mm. Set 10 uni.Ref.:0205000013

    Aventurine Ball 20mm

    Aventurine Ball 20mmRef.:0205000197

    Aventurine Ball 30mm

    Aventurine Ball 30mmRef.:0205000067

    Balck Obsidian Ball 20mm

    Balck Obsidian Ball 20mmRef.:0205000203

    Black Obsidian Ball 25mm

    Black Obsidian Ball 25mmRef.:0205000125

    Blue Howlite Ball 20mm

    Blue Howlite Ball 20mmRef.:0205000138

    Breciated Jasper Ball 30mm

    Breciated Jasper Ball 30mmRef.:0205000126

    Calcite Ball 30mm

    Calcite Ball 30mmRef.:0205000047

    Carnelian Ball 30mm

    Carnelian Ball 30mmRef.:0205000223

    Chiastolite Ball 25mm

    Chiastolite Ball 25mmRef.:0205000132

    Citrine Ball 25mm

    Citrine Ball 25mmRef.:0205000201

    Crystall Rock Ball 15mm

    Crystall Rock Ball 15mmRef.:0205000014

    Crystall Rock Ball 60mm

    Crystall Rock Ball 60mmRef.:0205000077

    Crystall Rock Ball 80mm

    Crystall Rock Ball 80mmRef.:0205000079

    Dalmatian Jasper Ball 30mm

    Dalmatian Jasper Ball 30mmRef.:0205000007

    Green Jadeite Ball 20mm

    Green Jadeite Ball 20mmRef.:0205000198

    Green Jadeite Ball 30mm

    Green Jadeite Ball 30mmRef.:0205000010

    Green Quartz Ball 30mm

    Green Quartz Ball 30mmRef.:0205000031

    Hematite Ball 30mm

    Hematite Ball 30mmRef.:0205000027

    Labradorite Ball 30mm

    Labradorite Ball 30mmRef.:0205000118

    Landscape Jasper Ball 32mm

    Landscape Jasper Ball 32mmRef.:0205000144

    Ocean Jasper Ball 30 mm

    Ocean Jasper Ball 30 mmRef.:0205000052

    Red Aventurine Ball 30mm

    Red Aventurine Ball 30mmRef.:0205000055

    Red Jasper Ball 32mm

    Red Jasper Ball 32mmRef.:0205000019

    Red Obsidian Ball 30mm

    Red Obsidian Ball 30mmRef.:0205000220

    Rodhonite Ball 20mm

    Rodhonite Ball 20mmRef.:0205000192

    Rose Quartz Ball 30mm

    Rose Quartz Ball 30mmRef.:0205000018

    Septarian Ball -10cm (price per kg)

    Septarian Ball -10cm (price per kg)Ref.:0205000150

    Shungite Ball 4cm

    Shungite Ball 4cmRef.:0205000295

    Shungite Ball 6cm

    Shungite Ball 6cmRef.:0205000294

    Shungite Ball 8cm

    Shungite Ball 8cmRef.:0205000296

    Sodalite Ball 20mm

    Sodalite Ball 20mmRef.:0205000196

    Sodalite Ball 30mm

    Sodalite Ball 30mmRef.:0205000168

    Sodalite Ball 40mm

    Sodalite Ball 40mmRef.:0205000233

    Tourmaline Ball 20mm

    Tourmaline Ball 20mmRef.:0205000071

    Tourmaline Ball 35mm

    Tourmaline Ball 35mmRef.:0205000072

    Tyger Eye Ball 20 mm

    Tyger Eye Ball 20 mmRef.:0205000044

    Tyger Eye Ball 25mm

    Tyger Eye Ball 25mmRef.:0205000045

    Tyger Eye Ball 30mm

    Tyger Eye Ball 30mmRef.:0205000028

    Wave Stone Ball 32mm

    Wave Stone Ball 32mmRef.:0205000188

    Shungite Ball 10cm

    Shungite Ball 10cmRef.:0205000293

    Shungite Ball 15cm

    Shungite Ball 15cmRef.:0205000292

    Shungite Ball 2cm

    Shungite Ball 2cmRef.:0205000254

    Shungite Sphere 3cm

    Shungite Sphere 3cmRef.:0205000270

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