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Copper Pyramid. 3x3cm

Copper Pyramid. 3x3cmRef.:0202000209

Pyrite Pyramid. 3,5x3,5cm

Pyrite Pyramid. 3,5x3,5cmRef.:0202000215


Pyrite Pyramid. 4x4cm

Pyrite Pyramid. 4x4cmRef.:0202000214

Pyrite Pyramid. 5x5cm

Pyrite Pyramid. 5x5cmRef.:0202000213

10mm Amethyst Pyramid

10mm Amethyst PyramidRef.:0202000165

2-3cm Tyger Eye Pyramid

2-3cm Tyger Eye PyramidRef.:0202000114

20mm Crystall Rock Pyramid

20mm Crystall Rock PyramidRef.:0202000062

25 mm Lapislazuli Pyramid

25 mm Lapislazuli PyramidRef.:0202000046

25-30mm Moon Stone Pyramid

25-30mm Moon Stone PyramidRef.:0202000041

25-30mm Pirite Pyramid

25-30mm Pirite PyramidRef.:0202000037

25-35mm Amethyst Pyramid

25-35mm Amethyst PyramidRef.:0202000116

25-35mm Sun Stone Pyramid

25-35mm Sun Stone PyramidRef.:0202000035

25mm Black Tourmalina Pyramid

25mm Black Tourmalina PyramidRef.:0202000119

25mm Grey Agate Pyramid

25mm Grey Agate PyramidRef.:0202000115

3-4cm Labradorite Pyramid

3-4cm Labradorite PyramidRef.:0202000078

30-40mm Brown Agathe Pyramid

30-40mm  Brown Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000031

30-40mm Black Tourmalina Pyramid

30-40mm Black Tourmalina PyramidRef.:0202000195

30-40mm Moon Stone Pyramid

30-40mm Moon Stone PyramidRef.:0202000042

30-40mm Pirite Pyramid

30-40mm Pirite PyramidRef.:0202000040

30-40mm Sun Stone Pyramid

30-40mm Sun Stone PyramidRef.:0202000036

30mm Rose Quartz Pyramid

30mm Rose Quartz PyramidRef.:0202000029

3500 Snowflake Obsidian Pyramid

3500 Snowflake Obsidian PyramidRef.:0202000186

35mm Golden Aventurine Pyramid

35mm Golden Aventurine PyramidRef.:0202000122

35mm Malachite Pyramid

35mm Malachite PyramidRef.:0202000043

35mm Red Jasper Pyramid

35mm Red Jasper PyramidRef.:0202000140

35mm Unakite Pyramid

35mm Unakite PyramidRef.:0202000121

35mm Yellow Calcite Pyramid

35mm Yellow Calcite PyramidRef.:0202000156

40-50mm Gray Agathe Pyramid

40-50mm Gray Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000147

40-50mm Rose Quartz Pyramid

40-50mm Rose Quartz PyramidRef.:0202000057

40mm Blue and Red Agate Pyramid

40mm Blue and Red Agate PyramidRef.:0202000056

45mm Golden Aventurine Pyramid

45mm Golden Aventurine PyramidRef.:0202000138

45mm Leopard Jasper Pyramid

45mm Leopard Jasper PyramidRef.:0202000184

50-60mm Brown Agathe Pyramid

50-60mm  Brown Agathe PyramidRef.:0202000084

50-60mm Grey Agate Pyramid

50-60mm Grey Agate PyramidRef.:0202000086

5cm Labradorite Pyramid

5cm Labradorite PyramidRef.:0202000077

Garnet Pyramid

Garnet PyramidRef.:0202000032

Iolite Pyramid

Iolite PyramidRef.:0202000034

Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian PyramidRef.:0202000142

Rose Quartz Pyramid 20mm

Rose Quartz Pyramid 20mmRef.:0202000059

Shungite Pyramide 10 cm. Extra Quality

Shungite Pyramide 10 cm. Extra QualityRef.:0202000180

Shungite Pyramide 5 cm

Shungite Pyramide 5 cmRef.:0202000021

Shungite Pyramide 7cm

Shungite Pyramide 7cmRef.:0202000022

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