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Septarium Plates. Price/Kg

Septarium Plates. Price/KgRef.:0101000943

Labradorite from Madagascar (0,5-2,5kg)

Labradorite from Madagascar (0,5-2,5kg)Ref.:0101000378

"Gold Sheen" Obsidian

"Gold Sheen" ObsidianRef.:0611000077

Copper Chargers (10cm.)

Copper Chargers (10cm.)Ref.:0201000349

Faceted Hexagonal Garnet 3-4cm

Faceted Hexagonal Garnet 3-4cmRef.:0101000806

Malachite Cabochons

Malachite CabochonsRef.:0210000012

Natural Octahedron Fluorite. Set 6u.

Natural Octahedron Fluorite. Set 6u.Ref.:0207000087

Obsidian disc with Flower of Life symbol

Obsidian disc with Flower of Life symbolRef.:0611000076

Obsidian disc with Tree of Life symbol

Obsidian disc with Tree of Life symbolRef.:0611000080

Obsidian Plates (8cm.) Set 2u.

Obsidian Plates (8cm.) Set 2u.Ref.:0215000102

Octahedron Fluorite 60-70g

Octahedron Fluorite 60-70gRef.:0207000017

Pyrite Skull 6x7cm aprox.

Pyrite Skull 6x7cm aprox.Ref.:0215000099

Quartz Plate/Charger 38cm.

Quartz Plate/Charger 38cm.Ref.:0207000089

Tourmaline and Selenite Chargers (10cm.)

Tourmaline and Selenite Chargers (10cm.)Ref.:0201000353

Tourmaline Chargers (10cm.)

Tourmaline Chargers (10cm.)Ref.:0201000350

Selenite Angel 5.5cm

Selenite Angel 5.5cmRef.:0215000095

Amethyst Angel 3X2 cm

Amethyst Angel 3X2 cmRef.:0215000047

Ammonite Carved Labradorite

Ammonite Carved LabradoriteRef.:0215000087

Ammonite Cut Labradorite

Ammonite Cut LabradoriteRef.:0215000094

Fossil Wood Bookends

Fossil Wood BookendsRef.:0402000105

Mineral Skulls - Set 12 Units.

Mineral Skulls - Set 12 Units.Ref.:0215000098

Mineral Skulls - Set 6 un.

Mineral Skulls - Set 6 un.Ref.:0215000097

Red Jasper Angel 4.5cm

Red Jasper Angel 4.5cmRef.:0215000038

Rock Crystal Angel 3X2 cm

Rock Crystal Angel 3X2 cmRef.:0215000048

Rose Quartz Angel 3X2 cm

Rose Quartz Angel 3X2 cmRef.:0215000092

Septaria Madagascar. Big Shapes.

Septaria Madagascar. Big Shapes.Ref.:0101000028

Stone Buddhist set 12 units

Stone Buddhist set 12 unitsRef.:0215000006

Stone Buddhist set 6 Units

Stone Buddhist set 6 UnitsRef.:0215000008

Unakite Angel 4.5cm

Unakite Angel 4.5cmRef.:0215000029

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