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Amazonite Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.

Amazonite Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.Ref.:0209000078

Apatite Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.

Apatite Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.Ref.:0209000066

Aventurine Heart 4cm

Aventurine Heart 4cmRef.:0209000015

Blue Howlite Heart 40x40x5mm

Blue Howlite Heart 40x40x5mmRef.:0209000071

Calcite Heart 4cm

Calcite Heart 4cmRef.:0209000006

Crystal Rock Heart 40x40x5mm

Crystal Rock Heart 40x40x5mmRef.:0209000073

Crystal Rock Heart 4cm

Crystal Rock Heart 4cmRef.:0209000004

Dalmatian Jasper Heart 4cm

Dalmatian Jasper Heart 4cmRef.:0209000027

Labradorite Heart (30mm approx.)

Labradorite Heart (30mm approx.)Ref.:0209000075

Labradorite Heart (35mm approx.)

Labradorite Heart (35mm approx.)Ref.:0209000025

Obsidian Heart 4.5x4.5cm

Obsidian Heart 4.5x4.5cmRef.:0209000023

Onyx Heart 3cm

Onyx Heart 3cmRef.:0209000052


Orbicular Jasper Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.

Orbicular Jasper Heart (30mm approx.) Set 3un.Ref.:0209000077

Rainbow Obsidian Heart 8X5cm

Rainbow Obsidian Heart 8X5cmRef.:0209000050

Red Jasper Heart 40x40x5mm

Red Jasper Heart 40x40x5mmRef.:0209000074

Red Jasper Heart 4cm

Red Jasper Heart 4cmRef.:0209000008

Rodhonite Heart 4cm

Rodhonite Heart 4cmRef.:0209000014

Rose Quartz Heart 4x1cm

Rose Quartz Heart 4x1cmRef.:0209000065

Rose Quartz Heart Extra Quality 4cm

Rose Quartz Heart Extra Quality 4cmRef.:0209000018

Rose Quartz Heart Extra Quality 8cm

Rose Quartz Heart Extra Quality 8cmRef.:0209000005

Sodalite Heart 4cm

Sodalite Heart 4cmRef.:0209000020

Tyger Eye Heart 40x40x5mm

Tyger Eye Heart 40x40x5mmRef.:0209000072

Tyger Eye Heart 4cm

Tyger Eye Heart 4cmRef.:0209000010

White Howlite Heart 4cm

White Howlite Heart 4cmRef.:0209000024

Copper Heart 4cm

Copper Heart 4cmRef.:0209000064

Display of Hearts. 38 un

Display of Hearts. 38 unRef.:9009000077

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