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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Display of Rose Quartz Hearts (18 un) SV

    Display of Rose Quartz Hearts (18 un) SVRef.:9009000082

    Amber Stone Display

    Amber Stone DisplayRef.:9009000080

    Amethyst Druse Display

    Amethyst Druse DisplayRef.:9009000122

    Baryte Rose Display

    Baryte Rose DisplayRef.:9009000017

    Celestine Stone Display Case

    Celestine Stone Display CaseRef.:9009000123

    Chalcopyrite Iridescent Display Case

    Chalcopyrite Iridescent Display CaseRef.:9009000007

    Chip Chondrites Display Case

    Chip Chondrites Display CaseRef.:9009000059

    Chip Minerals Display Case

    Chip Minerals Display CaseRef.:9009000012

    Colored Quartz Geodes Display

    Colored Quartz Geodes DisplayRef.:9009000075

    COPPER Bottles Display

    COPPER Bottles DisplayRef.:9009000033

    COPPER Bottles Display

    COPPER Bottles DisplayRef.:9009000128

    Display Dinosaure Mineral

    Display Dinosaure MineralRef.:9009000107

    Display Glass Bottles Gold

    Display Glass Bottles GoldRef.:9006000011

    Display Steatite Skulls

    Display Steatite SkullsRef.:9009000138

    Ethnic Bracelets Display

    Ethnic Bracelets DisplayRef.:9009000132

    Fluorescent Minerals Display Case (3 blisters)

    Fluorescent Minerals Display Case (3 blisters)Ref.:9009000003

    Gems of the World Display

    Gems of the World DisplayRef.:0301000035

    GOLD Bottles Display

    GOLD Bottles DisplayRef.:9009000126

    GOLDEN Jars Display

    GOLDEN Jars DisplayRef.:9009000118

    Jasper from Barcelona Display

    Jasper from Barcelona DisplayRef.:9009000115

    Magic Stones Showcase

    Magic Stones ShowcaseRef.:0303000082

    Magic Stones Showcase

    Magic Stones ShowcaseRef.:0303000252

    Meteorites Display

    Meteorites DisplayRef.:9009000068

    Minerals Hardness Display Case (3 blisters)

    Minerals Hardness Display Case (3 blisters)Ref.:9009000002

    Minerals of the World Display

    Minerals of the World DisplayRef.:0101000657

    Minerals of the World display with boxes.

    Minerals of the World display with boxes.Ref.:9009000067

    Phosphorescent Quartz Display Case

    Phosphorescent Quartz Display CaseRef.:9009000005

    Pigments of Sorolla Display

    Pigments of Sorolla DisplayRef.:0101000694

    Prehistorics Pigments Display

    Prehistorics Pigments DisplayRef.:9009000064

    Protection Amulet Display

    Protection Amulet DisplayRef.:9009000133

    Pyrite Cubic Display

    Pyrite Cubic DisplayRef.:9009000127

    Quartz Geodes Display

    Quartz Geodes DisplayRef.:9009000074

    Rose Quartz Display Case

    Rose Quartz Display CaseRef.:9009000121

    Rose Quartz Display Case (38un)

    Rose Quartz Display Case (38un)Ref.:SV00000003

    Rough Diamond Display

    Rough Diamond DisplayRef.:9009000016

    Salt of the Himalayas Display

    Salt of the Himalayas DisplayRef.:9009000108

    Shungit display

    Shungit displayRef.:9009000136

    Silex Arrow Heads Display

    Silex Arrow Heads DisplayRef.:9009000065

    SILVER & COPPER bottles Display

    SILVER & COPPER bottles DisplayRef.:9009000076

    SILVER Display Glass

    SILVER Display GlassRef.:9009000125

    Tectite Display Pendant

    Tectite Display PendantRef.:9009000130

    The Power of Stones Display

    The Power of Stones DisplayRef.:9009000072

    Tourmaline Display Case (38 boxes)

    Tourmaline Display Case (38 boxes)Ref.:0101000870

    Volcanic Rocks Display

    Volcanic Rocks DisplayRef.:9009000015

    World Stones Display.

    World Stones Display.Ref.:0101000691

    Minerals display raw

    Minerals display rawRef.:0101000128

    Wood Gems of the World Box

    Wood Gems of the World BoxRef.:0303000068

    Zodiac Stones Round Wood Display

    Zodiac Stones Round Wood DisplayRef.:0303000067

    Amethyst Druse Box. Set 5un.

    Amethyst Druse Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000400

    Crystal Quartz Heart Box.

    Crystal Quartz Heart Box.Ref.:9009000957

    Dalmatian Jasper Heart Box.

    Dalmatian Jasper Heart Box.Ref.:9009000958

    Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000423

    Golden Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Golden Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000953

    Green Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Green Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000952

    Howlite Heart Box.

    Howlite Heart Box.Ref.:9009000961

    Purple Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Purple Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000955

    Red Geode Box. Set 5 un.

    Red Geode Box. Set 5 un.Ref.:9009000025

    Red Jasper Heart Box.

    Red Jasper Heart Box.Ref.:9009000964

    Rhodonite Heart Box.

    Rhodonite Heart Box.Ref.:9009000963

    Rose Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Rose Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000954

    Rose Quartz Box. Set 5un.

    Rose Quartz Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000403

    Rose Quartz Heart Box.

    Rose Quartz Heart Box.Ref.:9009000962

    Sodalite Heart Box.

    Sodalite Heart Box.Ref.:9009000960

    Tourmaline Box. Set 5un.

    Tourmaline Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000447

    Yellow Geode Box. Set 5un.

    Yellow Geode Box. Set 5un.Ref.:9009000970

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