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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Air freshener Mikado support Quartz+Tourmaline.

    Air freshener Mikado support Quartz+Tourmaline.Ref.:0702000011

    Air freshener Mikado support Quartz.

    Air freshener Mikado support Quartz.Ref.:0702000010

    Dolomite Candleholder

    Dolomite CandleholderRef.:0702000009

    Selenite Candleholder (1000-1200g)

    Selenite Candleholder (1000-1200g)Ref.:0702000026

    Crystall Rock Candleholder (1 hole)

    Crystall Rock Candleholder (1 hole)Ref.:0702000002

    Rose Quartz Candleholder 1 hole

    Rose Quartz Candleholder 1 holeRef.:0702000025

    Salt Candle Holder 1-1.5kg (box 12 units)

    Salt Candle Holder 1-1.5kg (box 12 units)Ref.:0702000005

    Salt Candleholder 1 a 1.5 kg.

    Salt Candleholder 1 a 1.5 kg.Ref.:0702000004

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