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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals

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  • Chakra in Stone

    Chakra in StoneRef.:0304000157

    Life Flower in Stone

    Life Flower in StoneRef.:0304000158

    Chinese sign Keyring. Pack 12 pcs.

    Chinese sign Keyring. Pack 12 pcs.Ref.:1006000081

    Big Lingam

    Big LingamRef.:0612000045

    Cupid Pendant

    Cupid PendantRef.:1003000633

    Fatima Hand Pendant

    Fatima Hand PendantRef.:1003000631

    I Ching Coin. Set 5un

    I Ching Coin. Set 5unRef.:0604000004

    Jadeite Hexagonal Ying Yang

    Jadeite Hexagonal Ying YangRef.:0699000016

    Jadeite Life Pumpkin Keyring. Pack 3 pcs.

    Jadeite Life Pumpkin Keyring. Pack 3 pcs.Ref.:1006000107

    Jadeite Ying Yang

    Jadeite Ying YangRef.:0699000013

    Jadeite Ying Yang Pakua

    Jadeite Ying Yang PakuaRef.:0699000015

    Medium Shiva Lingam

    Medium Shiva LingamRef.:0612000003

    Relief Buddha Head

    Relief Buddha HeadRef.:0699000017

    Ying Yang Round Jade

    Ying Yang Round JadeRef.:0699000014

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