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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals



Steel Ring Interchangeable Mineral Balls.

Steel Ring Interchangeable Mineral Balls.Ref.:1004000035


Aventurine Ball Ring

Aventurine Ball RingRef.:1004000044

Carnelian Ring Faceted 6mm

Carnelian Ring Faceted 6mmRef.:1004000060

Dalmatian Jasper Hump Ring

Dalmatian Jasper Hump RingRef.:1004000052

Red Jasper Ball Ring

Red Jasper Ball RingRef.:1004000046

Sodalite Hump Ring

Sodalite Hump RingRef.:1004000049

Stone Ring Agate 10mm

Stone Ring Agate 10mmRef.:1004000063

Stone Ring Dalmata 10mm

Stone Ring Dalmata 10mmRef.:1004000067

Stone Ring Obsidienne 10mm

Stone Ring Obsidienne 10mmRef.:1004000072

Tyger Eye Oval Shape Ring

Tyger Eye Oval Shape RingRef.:1613000031

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