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Specialized store in wholesale of minerals



4mm Bead Bracelet Display (45 bracelets)

4mm Bead Bracelet Display (45 bracelets)Ref.:1002001181

6mm Bead Bracelets Display (45 bracelets)

6mm Bead Bracelets Display (45 bracelets)Ref.:1002001180

8mm Bead Bracelets Display (45 bracelets)

8mm Bead Bracelets Display (45 bracelets)Ref.:1002001179

Biterminated Point Pendants Display (45 pendants)

Biterminated Point Pendants Display (45 pendants)Ref.:1003001165

Ethnic Bracelets Hood Display (90 bracelets)

Ethnic Bracelets Hood Display  (90 bracelets)Ref.:1002001177

Magic Stones Showcase

Magic Stones ShowcaseRef.:0303000082

Ethniac Bracellet Display case (4 rings with 240 bracellet)

Ethniac Bracellet Display case (4 rings with 240 bracellet)Ref.:1002000135

Heart Pendant Showcase (13 pieces)

Heart Pendant Showcase (13 pieces)Ref.:1003000785

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