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Apophyllite Cluster. Prix per Kg [0101000653]

Apophyllite Cluster. Prix per Kg

Apofilite clusters with stilbite from India.
Great clear crystals over orange stilbite crystals.
It belongs to the group of phyllosilicates and are secondary minerals in the basalt rocks. "Another name that is usually given to it is that of the zeolite. Its name comes from the Greek apo and phyllos, which means "FAR FROM" and "SHEET" in reference to the way it is exfoliated. Apophyllites are found in the United States, Brazil, Russia or South Africa, although the most famous specimens of the world are those from India in the Poonah district. Indicate the kilos you want to buy from this product by choosing an amount in the Quantity tab. It is possible to give you the option to buy smaller fractions of 1 kilo in the tab: Price per kilo